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Rental Tips for 2019

Rental Tips for 2019

Out with 2018! In with 2019, and with it, a chance to start fresh. New Year’s resolutions are in full swing and everyone is looking to better themselves at home, in the office, and everywhere in between. Check out these three easy resolutions to add to your list that will make the new year more enjoyable as a renter.

Resolution 1 | Know your Number

We want to help you achieve your goals for a comfortable home in 2019, and this is step 1. For assistance regarding your WRIPM home, you need to know who to contact! Last year, our property management teams were broken into regions to allow for more streamlined processes. These teams are personalized to your community, your location, and your needs. They are fine-tuned to help you manage, resolve, and troubleshoot any problems you may run into. See the image for your specific regional phone number as well as the email address for your state team. Help us help you!

Resolution 2 | Save Yourself a Headache

One of the biggest perks of renting as opposed to buying is being insulated from many major costs and expenses that would otherwise burden homeowners. While WRIPM is happy to help with major issues that might break the bank, routine upkeep is the responsibility of the resident. Here are some ways you can start maintaining your home this year.

Check for ice dams and icicles | When the temperature plunges below zero, be sure to de-ice all cables sitting at the front of your roof and any other ice dams you see. Do not let icicles form, as much as the kids may want you to. They’re not only dangerous to people standing beneath them but also incredibly heavy and can cause damage to your home. They also can cause water damage to your foundation when they melt.

Test your electricity (to the extent that you can) | Always, always be extra careful when working with electricity. Check that all outlets work, including GFCI outlets. If you have any reason for concern, please contact our Maintenance Department.

Tighten knobs and drawers | Go through the house and inspect all handles, knobs, racks, drawers and anything else that could have a loose screw.

Check all locks and deadbolts on your doors and windows | If any locks or deadbolts do not work properly, perform a quick diagnostic. In most cases, light lubrication with WD40 or slight adjustment will do the trick. If there is a more severe issue, please contact our Maintenance Department.

Repair caulk around showers and bathtubs | Re-caulking showers and tubs can prevent leaks, not to mention making the space look cleaner and more attractive. You may also want to remove shower heads and clean any built-up sediment. This can prolong its life and help with water pressure.

Inspect and deep clean basement | Basements are notoriously overlooked, especially if they’re primarily used as storage areas. Dust and clean windows and dry out areas that are prone to moisture. It’s important to give your basement a good inspection at least once a year.

Change your air filters | Air filters prevent harmful debris, dirt, and contaminants from entering your home and ruining your HVAC system. It is important to change it every 3 months and is the resident’s responsibility.


Resolution 3 | Join the Fun

The WRIPM community is constantly growing! In the new year, we encourage… no… we challenge you to expand your neighborhood outside your home and into the WRIPM community. Here’s how.

Facebook | Check out WRIPM’s community Facebook page! We love giveaways, so get involved in our competitions and sweepstakes and win some nice stuff!!

Instagram | WRIPM has a new-look Instagram page completely centered around our residents and the awesome skills, hobbies, activities, and professions they have! Discover the stories behind the artists, musicians, photographers and the photos they’ve shared. WRIPM truly is home to the creative, innovative, and motivated!


Ryan Barrick

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